Acer Timeline 3810TGZ first look

I now have the Acer Timeline 3810TGZ for 4 days and I am sooooo happy.
First of all it is true. The battery lasts really that long. 8hrs with display on low and wlan on is possible. That is so cool. And that even with the SU4100 CPU which is some kind of a Pentium Dual Core, not even the new Core 2 Duo.

Acer Aspire 3810TZG-414G32N Timeline 33cm (13.3″) LED/SU4100/4GB/320GB/ATI HD 4330/Win7 *inkl. gratis Software*

Google Wave „started“

Today Google has „started“ Wave. A lot of people who have registered for the beta test have gotten invitations today. I did not get an email from google, so I tried to get an invitation over twitter. Man, it sucks to pm so many people and begging them. I hope one of them will send me an invitation and I can check out, what the hype is about.

Acer Revo

Bought a Acer Revo on Ebay. New from Taipe, still the old N230 Atom, but 2GB Ram and 250GB HDD, just $250 but without Windows, just Linux. I will put on Windows 7 RTM when I get it. I am so happy, that Acer has already puplished Win 7 driver for the Revo.