Western Digital bringt Thunderbolt Duo Festplatte


Kreisch. Haben will. Thunderbolt bzw. die Hersteller kommen mal aus den Puschen und fangen so langsam an Hardware dafür zu demonstrieren. Natürlich zu Preisen Jenseits von Gut und Böse, aber immer hin wird mal wieder etwas gezeigt.

So auch Western Digital, die auf der Macworld 2012 jetzt eine neue Thunderbolt Duo Festplatte zeigen. Dadurch lassen sich 4 Einheiten hintereinander schalten. Ausgerüstet ist jede mit 2x3TB Festplatten, macht 24Tb. Sabber….Lechs…Heschel…

Preise sind nicht bekannt. Wenn man sich jedoch an die Thunderbolt Kabelpreise von Apple erinnert, 50,- für ein 2 Meter Stück, und für diese Konstruktion bräuchten man 4 Kabel, liegt dafür schon der Preis bei 200,-…. ich brauch Luft.

Verwendbar im RAID 0 oder RAID 1 werden die Dinger noch dieses Quartal auf den Markt kommen.


Neue Macbook Airs – Soll ich oder soll ich nicht?

Na toll. Eigentlich war ich ja total glücklich mit meinem 2010er Macbook Pro 13 Zoll. Natürlich hab ich schon die ganze Zeit mein Auge auf ein 15 Zoll AntiGlare MBP geworfen, aber die 10,- Folie von eBay tat es dann auch. Und jetzt kommt Apple mit so was…

Fassen wir doch mal zusammen, was will ich eigentlich von meinem Macbook? 

  • lange Akkulaufzeit !!!
  • leise soll es sein, eigentlich unhörbar
  • schneller als mein Aktuelles, wenn ich denn Upgrade

All das bieten ja die neuen MBAs. Vergleichsdaten für die Leistung waren jedoch etwas schwer zu  finden. Laptopmag, sind bisher die einzigen Tester. Keine Ahnung warum das so lange dauert. 3390 ist der Geekbench von meinem 2010er. 12.7 fps im Cinebench 11.5. Das i5 13 Zoll MBA kommt da schon mit 5860 und und und na toll den Cinebench finde ich jetzt nicht mehr grrr.

Auf Firewire, Multicard Reader, HD Cam, kann ich ja verzichten.

Aber ich brauche verlässliche Tests zur Akkulaufzeit, zur Lautstärke unter Last und zu den Lautsprechern, sollte ein 13er MBA wirklich mein neuer Hauptrechner werden.

Yes, I saw a MacBook Air

Last Saturday I went to a few Apple Reseller to get a good look at the new MacBook Airs. And yes, I´ve found them. Both models were standing right next to each other. Unfortunately I´ve just one picture of the smaller model…don´t now why.

Anyway, both MBAs look and feel fantastic. So light and slim. Ok, there is no keyboard backlight and only the 13 inch model has a card-reader, but he, I really like the screen resolution and the weight. I am still stuck with my 1280×800 and 2.04 kg. Already the 11 inch has 1366×768 and 1.06 kg, and the 13 inch comes with 1440×900 and 1.32 kg. That is really nice.

The price….the price….of course Apple is high class, but the advertise with $ 999,- But what do you get for that? The smaller 11 inch model, fast flash-storage, 64GB of it….. 64GB ??? Yes, that it. After OS, iLife and some basic programs, there should be 57GB left. For some user that is enough for all their stuff (Music, Videos, Photos…), other just want to use the MBA as their second mobile computer.

But that´s not what I want. For me Apple´s MacBook series is the perfect solution to have one thing for everything. In my case that would mean I need at least 180GB and of couse I would want the 13 inch model.
Together with the 2.13 GHz and 4GB upgrade I am at $1800…

$1800…that´s a lot of money, that is nearly 2 13MBPs. That is too much. So I guess I will stay with a lower resolution, a DVD-Drive, Backlight-Keyboard, longer Battery time, 700gr more weight, an actual ethernet port, a firewire port, a glas screen protection and a black display frame for a while ;o)

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Ordering a new toy

I have 4 different external USB Harddrives. One 2 TB Western Digital for all my HD Movies. A 1.5 TB Samsung for all my TV Shows. Another 1 TB Samsung for Time Machine and a small and old 2.5 60 Gb Samsung for other mobile stuff.
All HDDs are full now, and there are already 200GB on my Acer Revo HMPC and 80GB on my MBP that are waiting to be archived. So what would be the next step? Buying another 2 TB external HDD? Blocking another USB Port on my Revo that I don´t have?
NO, of course not. Let´s try something new. I have ordered a NAS. I didn´t want to pay too much, and it should have room for 2 3.5 HDDs. So I went with the D-Link DNS-323.

And for the filling, I´ve chosen the Western Digital WD20EARS Caviar Green 2TB. 5400rpm should be enough and are hopefully quite in my Living Room.

And now, let´s wait for DHL…

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Big HDD test for the Apple MacBook Pro (MBP)

Hi there,
the time has come. My MBP 13 inch with it´s 250 Hitachi HDD became to small. So I looked for an alternative. I have read a lot about noisy HDDs. It´s a huge problem because the 2010th MBP makes close to no noise at all.

For that reason the good and cheap 500GB WD HDD was out of the race.

So, my first contestent was the new 640GB WD HDD. With 2 320GB platter there is space enough. But it has a really high fan like noise. The rest was ok. No vibrations, no clicks, no parking problems.

Number two was the Seagate Momentus. Also at 5400 rotations, but just with 500GB. The first thing I noticed, less „normal“ noise. It still sounds like a running fan, but less than the WD. Also, no vibrations, no parking probs. But noticeable sound while writing. And I got the feeling, that the battery would not last as long as usual.

Coming to the last candidate. The original MBP HDD was a 250GB Hitachi. So let´s test the big brother. The 500GB, it´s the same 5k500 build. And, what did I get? Exactly, again, fan like noises. But minimal less than the Seagate. Also, no vibration, no clicking, no parking, but some kind of a high „working“ noise every few seconds.

My conclusion: When upgrading to a 2 platter HDD there will be much more normal noise, that with the original HDD. But, you will only notice it, when it´s really quite. On a normal working day, you won´t hear a difference. Just when it´s get quite, eg. lying in bed at night, or sitting at you desk working a nightshift. Than the difference will make you go crazy. But, after my 3 whole testing days I got used to it, and it´s not that different from other notebooks. But it´s not, what we want from our Mac.

I guess, I will have to source out some of my data to an external HDD, or test a one platter 320GB HDD and wait for big and cheap SSDs.

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