Trying to encode videos for the iPad and the iPhone

Today is the 26th, and there are a lot of signs that the German iPad will be delivered tomorrow. So, time to think about the things I want to put on my iPad. One of the first things that came to my mind was video!!!

I have a lot of 720p mkv files. Simpsons, Lost, Big Bang etc. They are all in 16:9. The iPad has a 4:3 ratio and a 1024×768 resolution.

For comparison, the iPhone 3GS has 480×320 (3:2).

So, and what is now my great idea? Exactly, transforming my 720mkv into something that will look good on the iPad and will also play on the iPhone. I used HandBrake, but what´s that, surprise, no iPad presets. Ok, no problem, first try with 1024×576. Why that and not 1024×768 like the iPad screen resolution? Because the 720mkv is 16:9 and we remember the iPad screen is 4:3, that way I would lose some of the picture at the sides.

Now, the problem is, 1024×576 is fine for the iPad but, will not work on the iPhone.

Next try with the presets for the AppleTV. The resolution 967×544, don´t now yet if it will play on the iPad, but anyway iTunes won´t let me transfer it to the iPhone.

So I start, low at 480×272 this is the preset for the iPhone, the 23minutes Simpsons episode has now just 93MB, can´t wait to see this „great“ quality on the iPad (IRONY)

And now, last try. This time I use 872×480, and surprise surprise, it will sync with my 3GS, now I will have to check it on the iPad as well.

Frankfurter Allgemeine

Today my free one year subscription of the Frankfurter Allgemeine started. All I had to do was to register on It was a short promo action, which is now over.

I am really looking forward to reading it on a regular basis. Getting to know of it´s really that conservative as people say.

Thank god, no changed iPad status

After reading on different German Apple community sites, that people got mails that their iPad delivery date was changed from May 28th to June 7th, I immediately checked my status. Uff, thank god, it´s still May 28th.

I ordered the iPad 16 GB + 3G at 5:05 AM GMT and directly an iPad case along with it. I hope this won´t change and of course that they won´t wait with the iPad delivery if they have the any delivery problems with the iPad case.

Also there are rumors that Apple could start shipping and delivering on May 26th here in Germany. I think I am starting to get nuts over this thing. When was the last time I thought that much about a new gadget? Mhm…

I got a new desk

I got a new desk. No, not a PC, a real one. Ok, it´s really a desk, but I use it as one. I couldn´t stand the old mess and hoped for a new fresh start with a new desk.

So I went to IKEA

And got a new „Glasholm“ glas plate and an additional „Helmer“ as a second food. And here is the result, tadaaa:

What do you think?

And of course I taped it. Here is the YouTube vid with my awesome English:

iPad pre-order started !!!

So, finally the iPad pre-order here in Germany started. In the middle of the night at 5:00 am it happend. The old information button disappeared and the new order button was here:

On the next side all, really all iPad models were there for order:

And of course, we got the first informations about the carrier for the 3G model. Surprise, we got 2 different carriers to choose from.
Go O2 Go O2 ;o)
Sure it´s cheaper and many people will be afraid, that the 3G coverage might not be that good, but there is absolutely no problem. I myself switched from Vodafone to O2 and I am really happy about it.
But I won´t have to order another contract, I will just use my normal iPhone data paket with a second Sim in my iPad. Ok, I will have to cut the Sim to a Micro Sim myself, but that will be another story.

Aaaaand it´s done. Go Apple go. Send my iPad. 18 Days to go.