F.A.Z. finally reached the App-Store

The FAZ has finally reached the App-Store, ok it´s the the iPhone version, but it´s a start. Downloading, installing, registration and off you go. Looks like the standart normal „He, I make a little App out of my website news“ App. Of course you can Twitter, Facebook and email the articles, watch photo galleries and videos.
Overall an iPad App, with special designed content would be more my taste.

New York Post iPad App

The weekend is here….finally. And there is a new App. It´s from the daily New York Post, costs $1.99 and brings you 30 days of amazing qualified news and important stuff ;o)

So, I checked it out. First point, you can read it horizontally but I got a feeling it was ment for vertical usage. It seems to be generated after a simple pattern, that allows the editor to make easy daily issues.

That is now bad, but it doesn´t look quite as nicely as by other weekly magasines and newspaper which have way more time to edit.

But for just 1.99 you should definitely check it out. After that, I think they are going for $7 month and $75 for a hole year.



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