Again finally shipped

Update: Uh, my mistake, it was still not shipped. But now, again 3 hours later it´s finally picked up by DHL. I can´t believe it. Maybe it will be in Duesseldorf tomorrow, but I don´t want to get disappointed again. So I guess it will arrive on Wednesday.

I really can´t believe it. Borderlinx UK has not shipped my iPhones 4 on Friday, but TODAY. I hate you Gary!!! From the button of my heart. How can you do that to me? I trusted you. And now I have to wait one more day. My life has no meaning…..

UK Apple iPhone 4 has been shipped to Borderlinx

Yes, my new iPhone 4 is on it´s way. I have ordered it on July 26th, shipping was scheduled for August 16th, but Apple send it on the 13th. Today it should reach in Milton Keynes. But I won´t order it to been shipped to Germany right away, I will wait a couple of days, because I´ve ordered another iPhone a few days later. It´s hard, but I don´t want to pay 35,- € twice for shipping.

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Navigon iPhone Navigation 50% off

After a long time of using Navigon Europe Edition for free, don´t ask why and how, my never updated 1.0 Version stopped working with iOS4. So, after month and month of free and uncomplicated navigation, I was back at Google Maps, following the little blue dot hoping to hit the blue line.
I really hate Android people with their free Google Navigation….grrrr.

But that is history. Navigon just cut the price by 50% for all their apps and even their in app sales, so I went for it. € 44,95 and I bought my legal copy of Navigon Europe. Now the 1.83 GB app is loading.
I guess today is the last day of this nice sale. I waited until the last moment, thinking if I really need it.