Samsung N510 Ion Netbook

I am back on xp, got rid of all the samsung junk and now downloading a few software packs to test the ion. First battery charge lasted for 4hrs. I hope that will expand at least over 5hrs. I love the keyboard, I can really got type on it. Just the backspace key is a little small. Having the windows key at the right side isn´t that of a problem. Just using it for win+D to get to the desktop.

Samsung N510 Ion Netbook booting for the first time

So after unpacking, I just charged the battery for the first time. Took around 90 minutes, than I got a green light. I waited 10minutes longer to be sure, and than booted it up. Man, there is a hole bunch of stuff.
First, Samsung asked me which language I wanted for the N510, English,German,French or Italian.
Than it installed it. After that I made a recovery partition of it. And finaly I could setup XP.

N510 is on the road

Oh man, the Samsung N510 is still supposed to arrive at my doorstep tomorrow morning. gives me hope that everything goes ok.

Datum/Uhrzeit Status Beschreibung
05.09.09 00:00 Elektronische Sendungsdaten liegen vor Elektronische Sendungsdaten liegen vor
06.09.09 00:57 Eingang Sendung ist in der Umschlagbasis eingegangen
06.09.09 01:01 Ausgang Sendung hat die Umschlagbasis verlassen

Samsung N510

Oh man, I just got used to the T91. I really like the quality, the silence, having a ssd and of cause the touchscreen. But I´m missing a keyboard where I can type more than two words, without hurting myself and I really have thin fingers.

I tested WC3 on the T91, thought this would be realy nice, should run ok and should be fun using the stylus to navigate. But I was wrong. You can totaly forget it. Even with cpu on fast mode, it is slow, stylus commanding is not really working either.

So I started dreaming about a 11´ or 12´ Ion Netbook. Ok it is the totaly opposite of the T91 but men want always what they don´t have. And then Sascha from netbooknews just anounced that the Samsung N510 is already in stock on amazon. Just seen at the IFA in Germany and already on the market. I thought about it for 30 minutes and just orderd it. Should arrive on Monday befor 12pm. So stay tuned.

T91 Battery Eater Classic Test

I just found a nice T91 Battery Eater Classic Test on youtube. So CPU constantly at 100%, display 100%, wifi on. It is 4hrs and 2minutes. That´s cool. Not that I think, that i need this setup, but it also shows, that with not much cpu use, display on 40% and maybe wifi of, the T91 my reach 5 1/2hrs. I have to test it, an maybe make a battery eater test myself. The t91 in the vid runs xp, interesting would also be how long will it last under Windows 7. Perhaps less because of insufficent drivers yet?

Still working on the T91

I am still working on the T91. Windows XP was fine, booting in 40sec and all driver and programs did run fine. Than I have tried Seven, man it was fast and good looking, but the driver didn´t work properly. Than I discovered the xp compatibily mode under Seven and got most driver an programs up and running, but the touch panel didn´t work anymore grrrrr. Posted the problem in many different netbook forums, but no answer yet. So no I am going back to xp.