Apple iMac here I go

You know what? It is strange. About one month ago I traded my beloved iPhone 3G for a Google Nexus One. It was not my first Apple device, I had an iPod Nano 2 years ago, but I didn´t like iTunes. And now, one month later?

I just ordered an Apple iMac. I still can´t believe it. All my life I was a happy Windows user. Ok, I didn´t liked Vista, but I was thrilled by Windows 7.
And now that…. I´m getting an Apple.

I guess I am just curious about it and want to try something new. Maybe after one month getting used to an android phone I need something new to play with. All the time I thought Macs are for people with too much money. They are sexy, but it´t the kind of S&M with a lot of strings and bondage.
Just two weeks ago a friend bought himself a 13″ Macbook Pro and I called him a pussy that doesn´t know how to use a real computer.

Ok, enough trash talk. Here are the facts. I ordered the 21″ basic iMac version. 3,06 Dual Core, 500GB HDD and the 9400 graphic. I didn´t orderd on but at a premium reseller. The reason for that is, I get a HP printer for free and also a livescribe smartpen. With this two things solled on eBay the iMac should cost around 900,- Euros. That´s even cheaper than at the Apple refurbished store.

I am honest, of course I thought about the 27″ iMac. But I feel it would be too big to work with it. My desk isn´t big enough, I would have to sit too far away. At the moment I have a 22″ Samsung widescreen monitor and I had a 24″ no-name full hd screen for a week for testing. And the 24″ was already the maximum. And of course, paying 500,- more, just for 500GB, a little bit more speed, and the better graphic card wasn´t worth it for me.
And of course, it is still a test. Maybe when I catch the Apple fever I want more. But for now I am cautious.

So stay tuned if you want to here more about my Mac adventure.

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