I like my Nexus One Part I

It is Saturday, one week has passed. One week with the Google Nexus One. One week with a Android OS. One week of forgetting all the things I was used to from my iPhone 3G and learning something new.

1. Outside
I like the feeling of the material and the colour. The button on the top side is the same as on the iPhone, also the the volume buttons on the left side. There is no mute switch no button below the screen but therefore we have a glowing trackball. Pressing it won´t wake up the Nexus out of standby, you have to press the button on the top side.
To be honest I did not recognize the bigger screen. Looks just „normal“ to me. But it is much brighter and more colourfull than the one on the 3G.

2. Android OS
Overall it´s the same as the iPhones, just that you can personalize it the way you ever wanted. Backgrounds, widgets even files.

3. Email
When you use one Googlemail account you are fine. You are more than just fine, it is perfect. But „problems“ already start, when you have another Googlemail account. There is no way to see on the homescreen how many unread emails there are. Sure you get the notification in the left upper corner, but say there come 3 different emails to the 2 accounts at the same time, 2 to Account A and one to B. Once you checked the notification you go directly to one of the two emails. You read it, than you press the home button, cause you remembered, there was another email. So back in the main menu, you can´t see anymore, that there are two emails waiting to be read. Sure, there is an app for that, but that bothers me alot.

When you also have another email, maybe at yahoo. You have another email programm to check all these none google mail accounts. But there is a problem. Yahoo does not let you check the emails on an android device properly. Sure there is a way to use imap but it will not work on wifi. Or you can use pop3 and hope yahoo has a good week and it will run a few days.

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