N510 and gaming

All tests with CPU to max, Graca settings to performance and still 1Gb of ram.

First test CoD4. Graphic settings on low, 1024×768, doesn´t look good, but playable. Did a little more playing after the training scenario, fighting is fine, too.

I have to say, that I am very happy with the N510 and it´s gaming performace. No comparison to intels 945 or 950. Now I can play all the things, I wanted to play for the last year, while on the road, but couldn´t because I was only carrying an eee 900 or 1000H. Ok, maybe not everything, but still. Even with 11.6´ the N510 is still a Netbook for me. So I excuse not beeing a perfect gaming machine. It is like still having a little bigger netbook, a very nice screen resolution and a perfect keyboard, but beeing able to play without hurting my eyes or my patience.

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