Nexus One Order

So after 2 days of heavy thinking and searching around, I finally decided to buy a Nexus One. But why, why Google, why do you just sell it in the US, UK, Malaysia and Honk Kong??? So there were different ways to go for me.

1. Buy it online on the google site via a US proxy to get an US ip and send it to a shipping company in the US which then sends it to an address in the UK for tax an than again to Germany. Problem, google checkout was never used and credit card confirmation takes it´t time.  So it would take around 7 – 10 days. Second thing, the costs. $560 to buy and send it to the US company, then another $60 to send it to Germany and another $140. Sums up to $760  or 525 Euro plus credit card usage abroad an extra 1%. Let just say 535 to be sure.

2. Second way eBay US. There are enough people who sell the Nexus One worldwide. Prices starts at $700 including slow shipping. This way it will get to Germany in 3-5 days but you have a high chance to get „caught“ by Germany custom and have to pay 19% tax, and you lose 2-4 days to pick it up at the next custom office.

3. eBay Germany. Price starts at 630 Euro. Fast delivery. Very few phones.

4. eBay UK. There are already enough phones in the UK. No tax from UK to Germany and fast delivery 2-4 days.  Problem here, finding someone who ships fast and doesn´t charge too much money. That´s the way I went. I found a nice person, who did answer my questions on eBay really fast, who shipped it today and „just charged“ 500 GBP, so 555 Euros. It is more than buying direct via google US, but therefore it is already on it´s way and I will have it maybe tomorrow or at least on thursday.

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