MacBook Pro 13

I know it´s creepy. Starting with an iPhone 3G, then selling it 14 month later, having a Google Nexus for 2 month, then switching back to an iPhone 3GS. At the same time buying an iMac. Then the iPad. And now, what´s missing? A MacBook exactly.

And guess what, Apple has begun their yearly „back-to-school“ promotion.

The deal is, you buy a Mac and an iPod and you get a cash-back. The amount depends on what kind of iPod you buy. So if you buy an iPod Touch 8GB you have to pay € 189,- but you get € 160,- back from Apple. It´s like paying € 29,- for an iPod and then being able to sell it on ebay to reduce the price of your Mac.

But you can make it even better. There is

They have the same „back-to-school“ thing and they give you a little extra. You can choose between a € 25,- gift card, Parallels 5, and other software. One even costs like € 99,- on ebay, it´s some music dj software.

So, let´s see how cheap we can make it:

MacBook Pro 13: 1056,-
iPod Touch: 189,-
That´s: 1245,-

Apple CashBack: 160,-
Selling iPod 150,-
Selling Software 75.-
Total: 850,-

€ 850,- for a new MacBook Pro 13. That´s a damn good price. Even if we shouldn´t get that much money for the software and iPod on ebay € 900,- would still be awesome.

Making a Micro Sim Card

Ok, my iPad 3G is on it´s way to my doorstep and I got the wonderful idea, that this would be the perfect moment to think about the new Micro Sim Card. I don´t have any yet. But here is how I do the trick, I will make my own.

First thing, my German Carrier is O2. And this cool people give you 3 different normal Sim Cards. And with these you can use the same data plan on all 3 cards. I have one in my iPhone, one in my 3G USB-Stick and out of the third I´ll make my Micro Sim.

Next step, I found this guide here. There you can download and print a pattern for the Micro Sim Card.

You just cut it out and put it on the backside of your normal Sim Card.

And then start cutting. I got a little bit scarred that I might cut off too much, so I left some space to work with, ones the iPad arrives. Better to gut too little then to much ;o)

UPDATE: I finally managed to upload the video:

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