Samsung N510

Oh man, I just got used to the T91. I really like the quality, the silence, having a ssd and of cause the touchscreen. But I´m missing a keyboard where I can type more than two words, without hurting myself and I really have thin fingers.

I tested WC3 on the T91, thought this would be realy nice, should run ok and should be fun using the stylus to navigate. But I was wrong. You can totaly forget it. Even with cpu on fast mode, it is slow, stylus commanding is not really working either.

So I started dreaming about a 11´ or 12´ Ion Netbook. Ok it is the totaly opposite of the T91 but men want always what they don´t have. And then Sascha from netbooknews just anounced that the Samsung N510 is already in stock on amazon. Just seen at the IFA in Germany and already on the market. I thought about it for 30 minutes and just orderd it. Should arrive on Monday befor 12pm. So stay tuned.

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