Trying to encode videos for the iPad and the iPhone

Today is the 26th, and there are a lot of signs that the German iPad will be delivered tomorrow. So, time to think about the things I want to put on my iPad. One of the first things that came to my mind was video!!!

I have a lot of 720p mkv files. Simpsons, Lost, Big Bang etc. They are all in 16:9. The iPad has a 4:3 ratio and a 1024×768 resolution.

For comparison, the iPhone 3GS has 480×320 (3:2).

So, and what is now my great idea? Exactly, transforming my 720mkv into something that will look good on the iPad and will also play on the iPhone. I used HandBrake, but what´s that, surprise, no iPad presets. Ok, no problem, first try with 1024×576. Why that and not 1024×768 like the iPad screen resolution? Because the 720mkv is 16:9 and we remember the iPad screen is 4:3, that way I would lose some of the picture at the sides.

Now, the problem is, 1024×576 is fine for the iPad but, will not work on the iPhone.

Next try with the presets for the AppleTV. The resolution 967×544, don´t now yet if it will play on the iPad, but anyway iTunes won´t let me transfer it to the iPhone.

So I start, low at 480×272 this is the preset for the iPhone, the 23minutes Simpsons episode has now just 93MB, can´t wait to see this „great“ quality on the iPad (IRONY)

And now, last try. This time I use 872×480, and surprise surprise, it will sync with my 3GS, now I will have to check it on the iPad as well.

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