Nescafe Dulce Gusto Test with Latte Macchiato

I had the chance to test a Nescafé Dulce Gusto Circolo. It was the Red 5006 Version. Looks really great.

You got this sort of ring and you place your cup or glass just in the middle.
Your on and off switch is in the upper left „corner“. You put in a Coffee Tap ( or milk, or chocolate, or Ice Tea, or….) and look it.

Doing this, you automatically make a little hole in the upper sealing of the tap where the hot water will be pushed trough. The amount of water has to be controlled manually. For that is the little antenna on the top of the Dulce Gusto. Pushing it to the left for cold and pushing it to the right for hot water, to stop the water flow, you have to center it again.

Ones you have figured out how much fluent equals 150ml, 170ml, 200ml you can handle to follow the instructions on the different pad packages and of course adjust them to you flavor.

I tried it with a Latte Macchiato this time. For this you need two pads. One for hot milk and one for the espresso. From switching the Dulce Gusto on to the finished Latte I would say it will take you about 90 seconds. That just great. The taste is great, too. I was a little bit concerned about the mild powder, but it´s not that different in taste than the normal long lasting milk they use at coffee bars. Milk Cream topping was fantastic. After 10 minutes it was still „hard“.

Oh, and here is the vid. Hope you enjoy it.

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