ARR Acer Revo Review

Finally I have time to write my Acer Revo Review.
I finished 2 youtube videos, showing my testing the Revo.

The specs of the Revo are the normal one. Single core Atom with 1,6 Mhz, 2Gb Ram, 250GB HDD, wlan N, Windows 7, HDMI out and wireless mouse and keyboard. The Revo is small, I mean really small. It makes nearly no noise, only when booting up for 1 sec. But still, for absolut silence you can´t use the VESA mount and put it behind your screen, you have to put it under the table. But then it´s fantastic. Way more quiet than the new iMacs.

Another really cool think is the power consumption. It just uses 25-35 w. Big improvement compared to my old normal desktop pc, with an Athlon 5050e, a WD green HD and other low power components.

But how good is it besides low noise and low power needs? Let´s see.

The new Office 2010 beta runs easily and without problems. Even larger xls sheets are no big thing.

Windows 7 paint, and picasa are working fine. Even loading big pictures doesn´t take too long.

Browsing the web runs. Loading bigger websites may take a little bit, but then scrolling is ok. Only the google reader doesn´t run smoothly. Scrolling „jumps“.

What about youtube HD vids? No problems, if you use Flash 10.2 beta and google chrome.

And what about your normal 720p and 1080p mkv videos? Can the Revo handle those? Yes it can. If you´re using the Media Player Classic Home Cinema and the k-codec pack. With this tools there is no problem at all.

And TV recording with the Windows Media Center and an USB TV stick?

And what about torrents? That´s the best part. The Revo does all the above while your utorrent client is running in the background.

So, I doen´t need another PC anymore?
In my opinion you don´t. Get yourself a xbox or ps3 if you want to play games. For the rest the Revo is enough and will also safe a lot of energy. Think green.

Really no other PC?
Ok, ok, if you have to do picture and video editing on a more professional level you won´t be happy with the Revo. The single Atom is just too weak, even the new dual Atom won´t safe it.
But for all the ones, just checking emails, surfing the web, watching Hulu and youtube, running torrents, playing music, watching HD vids, and and and… the Revo is enough. 100% I am using it now for 3 month as my main desktop PC and another one on my TV and it works fine.

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