What the Ping?

It´s early in the morning here in Duesseldorf, Germany, but I am already awake, eager to test out iTunes 10 and it´s new feature Ping. The first good thing, iTunes 10 is finally ready for download:

The new symbol needs some time to getting used to. They dropped the CD because they find it outdated, but why does the blue circle remind me of one?

First impression of Ping, where have all the colors gone? Everything looks now the same, in this grey blue way. I liked the old better.

Coming to my highlight. Do a little Ping, make a little noise…. To setup Ping you have to register with your iTunes Account. And then Ping will automatically fill out the registration with aaaall your private data. Names, Adresses, etc. And when you then hope for „privacy“…nope. You can´t give yourself some alibi false name or nickname, it uses your real full name. And the only privacy settings are:
1. Everyone can follow you in an instand and your full name will be shown
2. They can just follow you if you let them but you full name is still viewable for everyone
3. No one can follow you and no one can see you

Great, welcome to privacy 2.0 by Apple. FAIL

Now let´s take a look what´s the fuzz is all about.

Doesn´t that just look like facebook? I mean, ok it´s just the beginning, but why should I follow my artists on iTunes when I do that already on facebook, twitter, etc.? And musiclists from my friends? I don´t think I want to hear some speedmetal stuff or girly bands.

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